NBA 2K14 Cover

nba 2k14 coverThe NBA 2K14 Cover speculation begins.. early! Who would you like to see on the next games cover? It’s time for an exciting rookie to grace the cover such as Damien Lillard who looks like he has the rookie of the year award locked up. If not him, Kevin Durant would be a solid choice. Who would you like to see on the NBA 2K14 Cover? Feel free to drop a comment.

11 thoughts on “NBA 2K14 Cover

  1. Grant Beanland

    If you guys want as rookie on the cover you should have Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, or (my favorite) Kemba Walker. They all have amazing talent and can bring a great deal of success to their teams. That’s Why one of them should be on the cover.

  2. Yeezy

    They should have Chris Paul, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony on there! Or if it’s an upcoming players thing then Kyrie Irving, Paul George and John Wall.


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