NBA 2K14 Release Date

nba 2k14 release dateThe NBA 2K games have always released on that first Tuesday in October. I don’t see why they would change that now. Expect the upcoming basketball game to release Tuesday, October 1st. This is for XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 ballers. I’ll update this post with more info as it comes out.

7 thoughts on “NBA 2K14 Release Date

  1. aubrey

    you guys need to make it available for the wiiU not just xbox and ps3… people who dont want xbox nor ps3 might just have to buy a new system just because its not for the wii U…

  2. Marc Anthony

    This time, the all star weekend should be available to everyone and not just the people who preorder the game. Not everyone has money 24/7.

  3. Peter James

    I suggest NBA 2K14 must have what NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12 have. I mean, the game modes like NBA Season, NBA PlayOffs, and also the ability to Create Player (exept for MyCareer and MyPlayer mode) and the ability to Create a Team. It’s more fun to play NBA 2K12 than NBA 2K13, so please return these featuresin NBA 2K14. Thanks.

  4. anthony moore

    Allow you to create your own All Star team or select any All Star team in any year you wish. Also, allow Dream Team vs. any All Star or Team USA vs. any All Star.


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