14 thoughts on “nba 2k14 wish list

  1. roy ebanks

    About your Career mode.
    It would be more better if you can give your career player more than one playstyles like for example we can choose ( athletic and scoring) because it would be bad if u have a 6.6 person and he is on scoring and he is so tall and can’t dunk and your player should get at least a better overall rating in it then in 2k13 because u have to go against Anthony Davis and he’s overall rating is 79 and that’s not fear that they have there’s that high and our hightest overall rating is 65 rating and we should have more and better dunks and layups we can choose on from our signature packages and if u choose to do does these on 2k14 I Thank u so much. And if u want to get more info on it from me u can email me

  2. Jerell

    dunk contest and able to play with player outside of career mode for PSP.
    More movesets and dunks should be chooseable.
    Also, USA teams, 2k china team, 2k team, and vc team

  3. Nisan Evans

    My Opinion: Nba 2k14 should have Name Brand Headbands and Socks,More Hairstyles like Flat tops.Better Pump up Basketball songs.Maybe more Fantasy Teams,Better My Career Overalls

  4. Josh

    Have a online my player season with other player another put you my player on a season with a reaglar team with other people’s online and there my player

  5. Blakk Rich

    I would like to see more player interact with each other before and after the game instead of some just standing around and not doing anything, different type of players celebrating in their own signature way instead of some of them doing the same thing. I would like to see better celebs and would like to choose celebs to play in all modes like association, create a legend etc.

  6. Blakk Rich

    I would also like to see different characters in the crowd as far as the fans instead of all of them looking the same, being able to add or trade celebs to any team of choice, bring back reggie miller and other greats from that era, I wouldn’t mind seeing celebs as far as t.i, lil’ wayne, wiz khalifa, 2 chainz, asap rocky and much more. In general just take nba 2k14 to a whole nother level!!!

  7. Marcelo Gillen

    You should be able to choose what uniform you want to wear in my career. Also you should pick two play styles. You should pick how many games in the season you want there to be. You should be inteviewed by more teams. Things should cost realistic prices.

  8. Marcelo Gillen

    2k sports should ACTUALLY READ THIS STUFF because we want the game to be as good as possible but if they don’t read the sttuff they won’t make adjustments and we all get pissed off that we weren’t heard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Marcelo Gillen

    you should able able to costumize your my players face instead of having templates to choose from. like the size of each thing, eyes ears nos mouth lips hair jaw facial hair

  10. Jens

    Let us choose jerseys before the game in MyCarrier mode! – And when your selecting height of your player, your should be able to choose arm length as well, so you can create a rondo type of player for example.. and be able to choose width and bulk, muscle look.. more styles in general.. Pre game interview.. More off the court activity, endorsements.. it would be awesome if your somehow could be friends with someone of the players in the NBA so you have influence too where players go in offseason.. More interaction with GM’s and the better you get, the more influence you should be able to get.. Otherwise BEST GAME, Love the 2k-series

  11. dj burns

    You need to have NBA2K14 on the wiI and have it like play station and xbox. There some people that still play on the wii. But they hate for one reason, IT S NOT like xbox and play station plus graphics STINK.


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