NBA 2K14 News

nba 2k14 news updates coverThe cover update is revealed for NBA 2K14. LeBron James will grace the cover for the first time in the history of the game. King James pretty much said he is honored to be on the cover considering he is a huge fan of the NBA 2K series and plays all the time with friends and family.

In other NBA 2K14 news and updates, the game will be coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console. This will be interesting to see which console will sell the most copies of the game.

What console are you going to be playing NBA 2K14 on and why?

Online Gameplay

nba 2k14 onlineI mentioned in an earlier post I would like to see online tournaments brought back in NBA 2K14. The online associations is cool but rarely do those leagues finish. Online tournaments are great because they are quick and will always finish. So what are some more improvements that should be made for online?

The quick ranked matched should go. Players should be able to match up in ranked matches with players of similar skill. Almost every game you play is against someone who has never played the game before and/or quits every time they are getting blown out. This is annoying and should go.

I like how you can now use legend teams online but only in custom games. How about a ranked match leaderboard  for legend teams only? That would be pretty sweet. So what are some more thing you would like to see online in NBA 2K14?

NBA 2K14 Release Date

nba 2k14 release dateThe NBA 2K games have always released on that first Tuesday in October. I don’t see why they would change that now. Expect the upcoming basketball game to release Tuesday, October 1st. This is for XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 ballers. I’ll update this post with more info as it comes out.

The Wishlist

nba 2k14 wish listWhat are some things you want to see improved or added into NBA 2K14? Here are some of my thoughts: 1) Better online servers still needs to happen. Most of the game you play online will have lag but at least online ranked matches no longer disconnect at random. 2) Develop the post game more! We have had the same post moves in the game for years now. The time has come to add more moves and animations.  3) More player signature moves would be awesome. 4) Bring back online tournaments! The past few games only allowed online leagues. NBA 2K14 Should allow tournaments and draft tournaments because those are fun! What would you like to see?

NBA 2K14 Cover

nba 2k14 coverThe NBA 2K14 Cover speculation begins.. early! Who would you like to see on the next games cover? It’s time for an exciting rookie to grace the cover such as Damien Lillard who looks like he has the rookie of the year award locked up. If not him, Kevin Durant would be a solid choice. Who would you like to see on the NBA 2K14 Cover? Feel free to drop a comment.